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This list is far from comprehensive, if you have a case to discuss please call 07825 432531

  • Out of hours emergency care

  • Clinical examination, diagnostics and treatment for general illness and injury

  • Diagnostic laboratory services

  • Wound management

  • Vaccinations and preventative health care

  • Dentistry with specialist power tools – with or without sedation as required to keep the procedure safe and as comfortable as possible for the horse. Dental evaluation should be carried out annually at minimum.

  • 2 and 5 stage pre-purchase exams (vettings)

  • Wolf teeth removal

  • Foaling and care of the newborn

  • Standing castration

  • Lameness/orthopaedic work ups

  • Minor surgery – including mass removal, foreign body extraction, advanced wound repair etc

  • Faecal worm egg counts and a comprehensive tailored worming programme

  • Affordable sedation for clipping, farriery and equine dental technicians.​​

  • Microchipping


  • Medical management of the chronic asthmatic horse and the ongoing and acute laminitic


  • Sarcoid and melanoma management

  • Hormonal disorder management: Cushings and Equine Metabolic Disease

  • Colic medical treatment

  • Weight loss cases - diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management

  • Dermatology assessment and treatment– including mud fever, ring worm and allergic reactions

Vaccination Guidelines

Please refer to the relevant authority’s guidelines.

Primary Course:

  • 1st Vaccine: day 0 (flu and tetanus)

  • 2nd Vaccine: Between day 21-92 after the first vaccine (flu and tetanus)

  • 3rd Vaccine: Between day 150-215 (5-7 months) after the 2nd vaccine (flu)

  • Thereafter annual boosters (flu every year, tetanus every other year)

Please text or call to clarify dates for your individual horse. You can always send a photograph of the vaccine page of your horse’s passport via WhatsApp for review during routine working hours.

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