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  • Accessible, fully mobile, routine and emergency, veterinary medicine, field surgery and preventative healthcare.

  • A direct service - speak directly to the clinician, Lucinda Ticehurst, for advice and booking appointments. Nothing should be lost in translation aiding clarity and response time.

  • Case continuity - the same vet every time creates an optimum relationship with the horses as their individual personality traits and history can be recognised, appreciated and catered for.

  • Relevant clinical plans - reflecting an in depth understanding of horse husbandry and the individual horse and owner needs.

  • A strong working relationship with and rapid access to a comprehensive network of caring specialists.

  • A responsibility to help those in need.


  • Patience and care - setting the horses up for optimum success in an environment they are confident in, with experienced and compassionate handling, regardless of how complex and stressful the situation is.​

  • ​A passion for all equines

From the performance horse to the rescue case.

The best friend to the lawn mower.

The hairy pony to the show horse.

The heavy hunter to the racehorse.

The dressage diva to the donkey.

Those with a story and those starting to work out theirs.

Those long in the tooth, those without teeth, those still growing them!

The trusting and the fearful.

The wonky, the weird and the wonderful.

The little and the large, and those in between, both in size and personality.

The individual, the few and the many!


What our clients think

I have worked with Lucinda for many years in a professional capacity as a service provider and have no hesitation in recommending her to clients. She is very passionate about every horse she treats, demonstrating a very high level of empathy to each horse and owner’s individual needs. I also admire that she regularly demonstrates an interest in the complete lifecycle of care for her patients from preventative care, early diagnosis and monitoring, through to treatment.

In this time of change in the veterinary industry where all vets are under immense pressure, it is refreshing to work with such a client focused professional.

Lucinda is an outstanding veterinary surgeon with a tenacity that ensures she embraces the difficult cases. Always going the extra mile, with a focus on the horses’ wellbeing.

When I call LT Equine I know from the moment Lucinda answers my call that my horse’s needs are going to be met. She always goes the extra mile, puts my mind at ease but most importantly she cares for my horses. Lucinda is honest, competent and versatile. A definite choice for the discerning horse owner.

- Julia La Garde, Senior Imaging Consultant, Vet-IR Ltd.

- Tembi Baxendale,


- Sam Tibbetts, Leicestershire

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