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About Lucinda


Lucinda Ticehurst


Born with a passion for horses, riding and the countryside; with a driven and strong personality to be suitably proactive. I have had the privilege of looking after and riding horses my whole life and I always aspired to be a veterinary surgeon with the horses' welfare paramount. My Grandfather, Robert Ticehurst, was a mixed practitioner and, from a very young age, I loved to hear about his many stories on the road. I am proud to have an extensive repertoire of my own stories now; gained through all my associations with horses over the years as well as in my professional career.


I have worked around the world (India, South Africa, Gambia, Australia and Argentina) with several charities in poverty stricken and poorly educated areas. Incredibly eye-opening experiences have honed my lateral thinking abilities, initiative, resourcefulness and practicality and highlighted my compassion in adversity. Experiencing the fundamental role of working equines around the world as they provide lifelines for families, and helping to teach those who can teach others to make a better future for the animals and humans alike, is both heart breaking and highly rewarding.

I have also worked in top class referral hospitals with multi-million pound international performance horses learning gold standard practice and advanced diagnostics utilised in caring for Olympic eventers, dressage horses and showjumpers, elite racehorses and high-goal polo ponies. I have always found the complexity of equine physiology fascinating.

My own horses have diverse roles and together we have competed in many disciplines with significant achievements; primarily they provide a wonderful way to unwind on our many adventures together. Owning and caring for four horses keeps me busy and grounded. I know about the long hours, the exhaustion, the weather that never seems to be on your side, the badly timed lost shoes, the long cold nights waiting up with them, the heartache, the fear, the horse that won’t be caught when you are in a rush, the haemorrhage of hard earned money, the constant cleaning, the slap of hitting the ground when you unexpectedly part company… Luckily I have also experienced the thrill of the jump, the satisfaction when the training all comes together, the chilled out social hack, the achievement of the first time and the ongoing learning together, the companionship, the earned rapport, the trip up that shouldn’t be saved but was and the win... The stuff that the text books don’t teach.

I'm proud to currently be owner, rider and trainer of two point to point horses. I have a partnership spanning 15 years with my well-known living legend who is still a white-knuckle ride at 28 years old and I also have an ex racehorse who thrives hunting and jumping side saddle and we notably recently competed in our first dressage aside. All my horses love a trip to the beach, exploring and jumping and we are learning all the time together.

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